What’s Up Wednesday!

Ever since returning back to the blogging world, I’ve been searching for my routine – my consistency. Since Shay inspired me to even start this blogging thing, I figured I’d hop on the train of her “What’s Up Wednesdayposts! My best friend Jenny also does it, so check hers out as well!

If any of you guys are doing this or want to start, let me know – I’d love to read about your week!


What I’m Eating

The meal of the week has to go to the assortment of seafood I ordered while I was in Maine. We ate at a restaurant called Mabel’s, which was once voted the 2nd best seafood in the USA!


I knew I was ordering their famous clam chowder before we even got there, but the words ‘lobster risotto‘ got me, I had to try it! Review? Amazing.


What I’m Reminiscing About

The warm weather & my mini vacation! I had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday andddd Tuesday off, and friends; I took advantage!

What I’m Loving

This mascara/eyeliner duo! Read about them hereI’m glad I listened to Jenny when she recommended this eyeliner… it’s the darkest black, dries within seconds, and the brush is easy to use. Typically, I’m a foam tip fan… but this eyeliner has me sold!


What I’ve Been Up To

I had a long extended weekend, so I was enjoying my time off! Yesterday, it was 83 degrees on an April day in New England, so that calls for a little drive up to the beach in Maine. Much needed fresh ocean air!


What I’m Dreading

Not dreading much… I had an oil change done at the dealership recently and they informed me that I need a new tie rod, so I suppose I’m dreading dealing with that situation… :/

What I’m Working On

Some new posts! I really want to do a review post on the makeup products that I recently hauled from my last Ulta order. I’ve tried almost all of them and there’s definitely some mixed reviews! Also, I’m working on an exciting upcoming post about one of my favorite hobbies. :o)

What I’m Excited About

Well the warm weather and mini trip to Maine made me really anxious for summer so… summertime!

What I’m Watching/Reading

Im a big TV series girl… I loveeee me a good tv series. My boyfriend on the other hand, is so picky. Right now, we’ve agreed upon Power which is a tv series on the Starz network.

As far as reading… I’m currently halfway through The Woman In Cabin 10. I found it from Shay’s book review and so far so good!

What I’m Listening To

Guys… I had a major music revelation over this past week. I never knew I was an Ed Sheeran fan until I was browsing my Apple Music and found his new album, Divide. I downloaded a couple songs and a few days later… I nonstop play the entire album and I’m in love. This album is incredible!


What I’m Wearing

Prior to the last few days of sunny bliss… it’s been rather rainy throughout March and April. I have been absolutely livingggg in my Hunter boots. The quality and comfort of these boots are unparalleled. I have the tall matte black, and I’m on the hunt for my next pair!


What I’m Doing This Weekend

So Saturday, I work. Boo. HOWEVER, Sunday is not only is Easter, but my loves birthday! I love April 16th :o) There will be celebrations all weekend!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

I have nothing in particular planned for the month of May. I suppose I’m looking forward to the warm weather, because that means lots of day trips and adventuring! 🙂

What Else Is New?

Not much… I guess you guys can share in the laugh that I created a savings account called “California.’ You guys don’t even understand… I’ve been missin’ that Cali sunshine ever since the day I left in December. I foresee this trip happening in the very near future 😉




5 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday!

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about that NYX eyeliner, but I’ve never tried it out. Next time I see it, I will buy it. Everybody is so enthusiastic about it! Oh, and I love Ed Sheeran’s new album! What is your favorite song of it? I love Galway Girl the most 🙂 Have a lovely week/Eater Holidays xoxo


    1. You definitely can trust the eyeliner – it’s amazing! You’ve gotta find one! As far as the album… it’s sooo hard to choose just one, I think it’s a tie between Hearts Don’t Break Around Here and Perfect! ❤ Happy Easter & enjoy your weekend :*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, perfect is also a really beautiful song!! And ofcourse I love Shape of You and Castle on the Hill! That album is full of beautiful songs. I really start loving and being a fan of Ed Sheeran!!


  2. I wish you posted more of your Maine photos!!! The Hunter boots have been so clutch lately- but finally THE SUN has showed face! I’m so excited for day trips and MV trips for that matter! So so soooooo soon!!!! ❤ Cali account is a total must lol good thinking!

    xo, JJ


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