A Girls Dream… house!

On Friday, I joined my best friend Jenny and Jacqueliiinejoy for their collaboration series called A Girl Can Dream!


Last time, we were talkin’ allllllll about our dream weddings because honestly, is there anything else a girl would rather lust over? HOWEVER, if there was any other thing us girls love talking about, it’s our…

dream homes!

If you know or have learned anything about me, you know that I loooooove me some HGTV and interior design chat. I’m so excited to show you my ideas for my [dream] home!

home style:

FullSizeR (27)FullSizeR (28)

If you read my dream wedding post, you know that I’ve changed my mind on a lot of things these days. Yet another thing I’ve changed my mind on is the style home that I dream of. I spend countless hours watching HGTV and realize that you can turn any style home into your dream home, but these designs would be my ‘dream‘. 

An absolute MUST for my future ‘forever home‘…. a porch! This girl loves a good wrap around porch. I have dreams of decorating that front porch for the holidays and taking adorable family photos with those future kiddos of mine on some front steps. ❤ ❤ ❤


FullSizeR (31)

This. MUST. be. my. future. kitchen.

Right now I have a big, beautiful, updated kitchen and I have no complaints. I’ve developed a copper and granite kitchen theme, collecting different copper kitchen items that I find and it just adds the most beautiful touch. I definitely want to continue the copper and granite theme in the kitchen of my forever home. 

Another thing that I’m big on is the backsplash. I am NOT a fan of subway tile (Sorry Jo!) and I like a little three dimensional texture to a backsplash. This backsplash is perfection! I will take everything about this kitchen please… 🙂

Also, I’ve always been in love with nook areas. Especially in the kitchen. I would absolutely LOVE a cushioned nook area for enjoying a quiet cup of coffee.

FullSizeR (34)



While I was browsing my Pinterest last week, I started to search for different tiles in bathrooms. I came across these two tile designs and fell in love….

FullSizeR (30)

pearl tile & wood tile

FullSizeR (33)FullSizeR (32)

I had never seen or heard of either of these before, and now they’re an absolute must on my list. How cool do they look?!!?

Immediately I showed my boyfriend the two, and naturally he leaned towards the wooden tile. My idea of compromise will be master bathroom pearl tile, and any other bathrooms wood tile 🙂 


For the bedrooms, I really want them to be soft and cozy. I like light, and lots of it. For the master bedroom, I will inevitably do white and gray/taupe. I really love cushioned headboards, so that is also a must. Something similar to this… 🙂


and of course you can’t forget the closet…

I am SO spoiled with the closet I have right now, so anything other than a walk in with lots of storage will be hard to adjust to. 





I grew up with a pool, so in my ideal world, I would love an in-ground pool with a pool area. Pools definitely are TONS of work, but for future kiddos and getting that summer tan… they’re a necessity 🙂


I also would love a nice, big deck. If we have a pool, that inevitably means friends and family will be over the house often and I’ll be doing lots of entertaining. A large space to entertain and grill is exactly what I’m looking for! 🙂

FullSizeR (29)


I could go on and on about little details that I dream about for my forever home. Crown molding… high ceilings… a mudroom…  LOTS of french doors I digress. 

This was so much fun! Tag me in your post so I can check out your dream home! I love seeing peoples unique style and how that transforms into their interior design choices! ❤



3 thoughts on “A Girls Dream… house!

  1. I would seriously come hang out there EVERY SINGLE DAY….and do like “mom things” …..cook and lay by the pool 🙂

    xo, JJ


  2. I’d love to have a house like this!!! That is… if I could afford a cleaning lady, cause I ain’t gonna do it haha!! Way to big! that grill space though O_o, that would be a dream. Honestly, the weather in Belgium is so bad, I would be able to do a BBQ, like 5 times a year or so!! Now that wardrobe!!! Damn, I need that, absolutely, no doubt! And those pearl tiles in the bathroom, sigh… So pretty!! xoxo Sarah


  3. Omg Im elated that you’re doing the collaboration also! I love the wrap around porch! And your choices for kitchens are gorgeous. I just realized while reading yours and Jenny’s posts that I didn’t include a bathroom, but if I did, totes be similar to both of yours! Great post doll! Look forward to more!


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