52 Week Challenge: Week 32!

Happy dance… Friday is here! 

This weekend should be fun! I’m not working tomorrow, and I get to celebrate my beautiful mama on Sunday! The weather is looking very rainy for Mothers Day weekend, but next week the sunshine will be peeking through. ❤

Like every Friday… I’m linking up with my best friend Jenny to share with you our 52 Week Blog Challenge! 


this week I’ll be talkin’ about…

My Inspiration to Blog!


I guess that my love for “blogging” goes all the way back to 2007, when I first created my Tumblr page. I’ve always been very timid with sharing things that are personal to me, so I’ve (still) never shared my Tumblr link.

However, here I am ten years later still loving to pin things to my Tumblr, and often times you’ll find me scrolling through hundreds of pages looking back on the beautiful images and quotes I’ve saved throughout the years. 🙂

I had no idea the blogging community existed until one day about three years ago I discovered Shay Shull’s page, or mixandmatchmama.  I found myself addicted to these Texas “mommy blogs” – even though I’m not a mom (yet!)

Nearly every day, I would send a link from Shay’s newest post to my best friend Jenny… we could not get over how CUTE her kiddos were and how much we looked forward reading it, almost like our daily newspaper. 

From Shay’s page, I found Erika and Andrea… and they quickly became a daily reader too. I just loved how these sweet girls shared pictures and stories from their every day lives.

In October 2016… brittsdailydose was born! ❤

I kept it private for the first few weeks… I still wasn’t ready to share the private details of my life with anyone who has access to the internet. Not long after I started mine, my best friend Jenny decided to start blogging and HER blog (sitbackandjustlive.wordpress.com) was born shortly after!

Jenny has been super consistent with her blog – inspiring and pushing me to be better and more consistent with mine! It’s hard to divide your time into so many things that you love, on top of working full time. Now that I’m about 7 months in, I’m learning my routine. I’m trying my hardest to keep my updates consistent and I LOVE the friendships that have been born from this community! 

If you’re looking for some awesome girls to check out, here’s a few of my favorites… as well as a few of my (now) friends 🙂 









be back next week to talk all about what’s inside my closet!



2 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge: Week 32!

  1. I’m so happy that we decided to become bloggers together ❤ We're one step closer to living like the Texan Mommy Bloggers haha

    xo, JJ


  2. I love yours and Jenny’s blogs! You guys are such cute friends XD
    I guess my first blog was also tumblr, but I was on it for memes, as well as inspiring photos and quotes 😀
    Also, thank you for for mentioning my blog! That’s really sweet of you 😀


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