2016 in photos [Jan-June]

Hi Guys! When browsing through all of your blog posts, my first stop is always Jenny (best friend bias ;)) This week she did a post recapping 2016 month-by-month through photos. I loved the post… so I figured I’d do my own! As you guys know, I’m a picture junkie. I can’t choose just ONE photo per … More 2016 in photos [Jan-June]


California – Day 5

Hi Guys! I’m back! I got sick late last week and was MIA from work/the world for a couple days…but I’m back and ready to dive riiiiight back in to those sweet, sweet California memories. ❤ *warning – this post contains lots of pictures!* I woke up day 5 with a bittersweet feeling in my … More California – Day 5

California: Day 4!

I feel like I’m starting every one of these California posts with “this was the best day” because guys…they all were! I can’t say it enough. Day 4 was the only day that we didn’t have anything scheduled, so the day was up for grabs. We considered taking the 2(ish) hour drive down to San … More California: Day 4!