52 Week Challenge: Week 28

TGIF everyone! Friday is here! 

This weekend should be a good one 🙂 I am working for about half of the day tomorrow… but then the festivities begin! Easter AND my loves birthday are both Sunday, so it’s fair to say that April 16, 2017 is a good day 🙂

Like every Friday… I’m linking up with my best friend Jenny to share with you our 52 Week Blog Challenge! 

I’ve been out of the loop for many, many weeks & I’m excited to be back for week 28 for…

my ten guilty pleasures!



Thinking of ten things was pretty difficult… so bare with me, I came up with seven!

In no particular order…

Gushers/Fruit Roll-Ups

(I can’t get enough of these chewy kid snacks… sour gushers are my favorite!)



(except Tarek & Christina… don’t like them [sorry!])


Salty Potato Chips!

(especially the Ruffles brand, and always wavy!


Changing into my PJ pants…

as soon as I get home 🙂

(See picture below… forever hanging out at home in PJs!)


A good sunset picture 😉

(I don’t care about the judgement of too many sunset pictures… I will take one every.single.time!) This was one I took in Florida in February – incredible! ❤


Binge watching alllllllllllll the TV series!

(Especially girly guilty pleasures like BRAVO, E!, or Friday Night Lights ;))


Bath & Body Works candles!

Guys… I have probably 7 of these sitting in my laundry closet waiting to be used.

Your girl can’t resist a good 2/$22 sale, they burn perfect, and the scents are amazing!


I’m sure once I’m done with this post, I’ll think of a million more of my guilty pleasures… but I’d love to hear yours!

Remember, Jenny and I would love for you to join us in the blogging challenge! If you participate, be sure to let me know so I can check them out.

Happy Friday & I hope everyone has an amazing weekend ❤





One thought on “52 Week Challenge: Week 28

  1. The gushers!!! That’s such a good one! The salty chips is def a fave of yours…Candles and Pj’s, pretty much “YUP” to everything you listed haha ❤


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