Weekend Wrap-Up: Birthday/Easter Edition!

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday… 🙂

How was everyone’s holiday weekend? It was sunny and 80 degrees in Massachusetts on Sunday, and we had the best day! 

I woke up excited because… my boyfriend turned 25 on Sunday! My Easter birthday bunny ❤

He is THE most indecisive person ever, so figuring out where to get lunch was a struggle. Usually my mom cooks for Easter Sunday, but because it was Hector’s birthday we decided to go out to brunch/lunch.

After much deliberation, we collectively decided on the Cheesecake Factory. Always an oldie but goodie – nearly everything they serve is delicious!

I was too wrapped up to take pictures of our food but geez, I wish I did. It was so good! I got the shepherds pie and fried zucchini!

Happy Birthday my love ❤



For the first time, I decided to try a Dairy Queen cake. Usually I get Carvel ice cream cakes because let’s be real… those crunchies! Best. Part. I went with the Oreo blizzard cake, and it was a huge hit!

Here’s a pic before we lit the candles 🙂


Seriously… how pretty is my mom?!


We had the best day on Sunday. Between celebrating Easter with our families, and my boyfriend turning 25 – this was exactly the quality time with our loved ones that we needed! 

Monday was back to work, back to the routine, BUT… 

On Tuesday, I met Jenny after work for dinner! Yay! We decided on a Thai place called Green Papaya. We love us some good Asian food!


Not 100% sure what I ordered… not going to lie, at first I was really thrown off by the brown stuff on top. It looks fuzzy, like tiny fibers. Come to find out, this was dried shredded pork. I gracefully picked this off and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my meal… :o)


Right when we were leaving, I asked Jenny to do double french braids in my hair. A fun fact about me? I looooove braids. I dream of a life with extensions or enough hair to have thick luscious braids! 

It came out awesome! Keep in mind… this was done in my car at around 9PM… 😉


When I woke up today… I had lion hair! My hair is the straightest, softest, finest hair that you will ever see… so this was quite the change. I love it!


I’ll be spending the rest of my “off time” at work today catching up on your blogs… I’m loving everyone’s posts from their weekend! What did you guys do?



3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Birthday/Easter Edition!

  1. Easter was SO warm, wasn’t it?!? Normally I’d love the weather, but – since I’m so preggo – it was a little tough. My poor feet swelled soooo much, and I was an uncomfortable mess. Ha, ha. I would be such a wimp if I was pregnant through the summer… 😉
    And I agree, the Cheesecake Factory is just the BEST!


  2. Such pretty beachy waves!!! We need to find a good spray to keep them luscious all day long!!!! Ugh, mama Teresa is hands down prettiest- her sense of style is always so on point! And YESSS cheese fac…. happy birthday to HC (again). I remember your mom got the extra crunchies cake for your bday, that was so good. How was the DQ one?!

    xo, JJ


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